*Gearbox conversion vlog part 2

Soarer 1jz – BMW Gearbox conversion P2 – Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog A continuation of video 1 for converting your Soarer to manual – I have to say at this stage that this is NOT a how to – you’ve got to realise the sheer volume of work shown here isn’t even close to […]

*Gearbox conversion vlog part 1

Soarer 1jz – BMW Gearbox Conversion Part 1 – Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog Right, this has been mind bending and a lot of work – I’m going to try to put it together into some sort of video but please bear with it. There was SO MUCH to do and I’ve tried to film […]

*1jz Water Pump and Cam Belt replacement…

Cam Belt replacement, a nightmare for some. Well it wasn’t far off for me. I hadn’t realised how long this took until I was editing the footage! OMG. Well you can now watch three in my series of Soarer Updates – 1 was stripping the engine down. 2 was replacing the stem seals. 3 – […]

*Fixed my Aux Belt Tensioner… did a how to…

While stripping my engine I discovered the Auxilliary belt tensioner pulley on my 1jz was on the way out, the bearing was totally gritting and noisy. So here’s a quick how to change the bearing if yours is doing the same. NOTE: Use a bigger socket as you can see in the video for refitting, […]