PD13 – Clear Indicator Lenses – DOWNLOAD

PD13 – Clear indicator lenses

Now ready for download! These are now finished and ready for download. I’m running them on my car.  It’s a DIY job, so if you don’t have a 3D printer or Laser cutter, feel free to email me and I’ll try to support your project.

A quick how to:

  1. Laser cut the lenses file on a laser cutter from 3mm acrylic
  2. 3D print the backs, one of each side, from a 3D printer
  3. If the 3D print is not silver, spray the inside of the casing with silver spray paint
  4. Lining up the top edge of the lense with the backing plate, use clear silicone sealant or similar to glue the lense to the back plate
  5. Once fully dry, use some wet and dry to sand the top edge to a 45 degree angle.  Then the bottom edge the same, but on the back side: This will enable the lamp to slip into the angled hole
  6. Take off your factory indicators. Remove the metal studs
  7. Pop the studs inside the 3D printed Clips
  8. Using very short screws, or even arydite glue these to the back of the casing. You’ll need to copy the factory positions
  9. Pop in your lamp holders, you’ll need orange bulbs (I used silver orange to hide them more)
  10. Bolt on in stock locations
  11. Win at life

DOWNLOAD – pd13-clear-indicator-lense

I hope that helps a lot of folk.  As said, email if you need support. 3D printers are becoming common, many local DT departments in schools and small businesses have them, get inventive!