* DOWNLOADS all up!

Since the changes to the blog (making it non profit making – design orientated) I’ve been working through all the old files and things I’ve done for the Provoke Designs project and I think I am now at a point where almost all items can now be downloaded… for FREE! So all you folks out there who want plans for parts? Yep – all here. Click PRODUCTS and find the part you want to manufacture.

Future plans for this will be the 1JZ and 2JZ AC delete brackets – once tested they will be up.  Plus I intend to sketch out engineering drawings of all parts – so if the DXF’s don’t work for your application you can use those. If you have any issues with any files drop me an email on info@provokedesigns.co.uk or via facebook or Instagram and I’ll convert them to whatever you need.

New videos on the YouTube channel to come too: fitting side skirts, making a BMC, making a slam panel cover and all sorts!

Thanks for reading and supporting! – subscribe to the blog, the channel, follow the insta. 🙂