*New clothing to support the blog… plus more CARBON!

So for a while I’ve been messing about with clothing companies which deliver to your door and make nice bits for people to wear.  I’d love to add more designs and things – if you have any you want to design feel free to email ideas over! (info@provokedesigns.co.uk). It’s just a cool way to support the blog and get something back for yourself. Well, I say support, but these are 0% profit for me and some nice threads for you which just shows your love of Soarers and if you follow the blog/youtube that too.  I did it because I wanted some and after a couple of design changes I’m well impressed.

InkThreadable do all the work, not me! So you order online, pay by paypal, choose the colours you like and hey presto! Delivered to your door in a few days. Win all round. CLICK MERCHANDISE in the menu above! 🙂

So what else have I been upto? Well the car is undergoing some nice transformations for one.  Skirts and a rear valance are going on – one skirt so far and more to come.  I’ll do a vlog on youtube of how I’ve fitted the skirts first.  I’m really impressed with the fit and finished – Firefly Speedshop make them – don’t be in a rush as they are new products from them, but the quality is good so I’m happy to wait!

Then I’ve been finishing up the AC delete brackets which are being dispatched next week.  I had an issue the spacers were 1mm too thick so I machined them down on a lathe.

Finally something I’m mega excited about… more CARBON! This sexy boot is on it’s way and will be left in raw carbon for now.  Eventually the whole car is getting painted and all the carbon I buy will be hidden with subtle reveals – but for now it’s race car all the way! lol.

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