PD14 – 1jz/2jz AC Delete Bracket

This page covers the design of an AC Delete bracket I made as a test for a product to sell.  The testing went well and it’s something that should be on sale again soon. But why bother? The air conditioning systems on the 1jz and 2jz systems used an aging gas which is now all but illegal to re-gas. So the only way for most to keep their systems is to have them converted.  With most people’s pride and joy only being a weekend or tuned style car many people choose to take off the air con systems.  Mine weighed in at a whopping 22kgs including fans and pipework.  The pump alone contributing around 6kgs of this weight. So why carry it around?!

However without the AC pump the power steering (PS) pump is then floating without support – so an AC delete bracket is needed to stop the pump potentially pulling on the block – I’ve read horror stories of it getting ripped out. Not risking that.

Want one? Drop me an email to sales@provokedesigns.co.uk to voice your interest and I’ll see what I can do! 🙂

Here are some pics of what I made up:

The only difference to the pictures above was I added a ‘notch’ to get around a mount on the block, plus the two left holes need a pair of 5 or 6mm washers to space the bolts out so you can use the factory ones.

You’ll need a shorter belt once you’ve removed the pump – its a 6PK1885 belt as pictured below – my car runs this fine with no slipping.

How to fit one – or use the front of your AC pump as a free fix – but not as cool! 🙂


Soarer 1jz – Rear view camera & AC pump delete – Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog

This week on Provoke Designs I’ve been dropping off the AC pump from my Toyota Soarer and fitting a rear view camera to my pioneer headunit. The AC mod seems common on 1jz and 2jz engines – most of the AC setups use a banned gas now and unless you convert to a modern gas your system is obsolete.




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