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Another element of Provoke Designs I’ve been growing is custom fabrication/3D work for people and I’d love to quote anyone on any custom jobs they might have for car modifications.  As designing and making is my passion for me this is about as fun as it gets!

First up a good friend Ashley came to me with his Mitsubishi EvoX as he really wants some custom louvers for the rear quarters on the doors.  This wasn’t an easy task as the window has a strange curve to it.  Although it looks flat it really isn’t!  However we overcame this and developed a CAD file for the work to be 3D printed.  Ashley then took this to a body shop to have professionally sprayed so they look stunning.  More to come on this project!



Next up I’m currently working on a sandwich plate to join a Duratec engine to a Zetec engine in a single seater race car project.  It’s going to be phenomenal once complete but here’s a quick shot of the CAD file which will be laser cut in card first to test it before we send the file to a CNC cutting company to make the plate immaculate for us.  Can’t wait to see his car flying!

Like I say – I love this side of things – working with people to help them realise their goals and make some really cool and unavailable stuff!

If you’ve got a project and you’d like to see if I can help please drop me an email to sales@provokedesigns.co.uk 





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