*New vlog – Japfest Silverstone 2017

Soarer 1jz – Japfest Silverstone 2017 – Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog Nivs AKA Big Nivs and I attend a good few jap shows every year and this year we popped to Japfest with the JZMafia group. Silverstone is a great venue for the show and although you can get a little lost with the […]

* DOWNLOADS all up!

Since the changes to the blog (making it non profit making – design orientated) I’ve been working through all the old files and things I’ve done for the Provoke Designs project and I think I am now at a point where almost all items can now be downloaded… for FREE! So all you folks out […]

*New YouTube channel launch…

YouTube? Everyone is doing it I agree – however, to explain many of my ideas and processes and to show you more about my Soarer I decided it would be a good laugh.  As a creative person I love working on these things so if just one person, or lots of people watch it and […]

*Finishing the dash install…

As you’ve probably seen on the Instagram (if you follow – hint) I’ve been finishing off my dash install.  It’s far from done, so many wires and details to tinker with.  That said it’s all together and the majority is on! The plan? Less is more.  Removing my double din and replacing it with a […]